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The Pilots Program

Photo Gallery

Brent's English Group
English PA, Brent Weaver, with Anna Meagher & Lewis Galloway
Margaret's Group
English students, Krista Primmers and Elizabeth Gregory, work hard on their homework with PA, Margaret Burton.
Dayton and Janet
Math PA, Dayton Crist, double checks Janet Matos’ College Algebra homework.
Sarah W's Math Group
Math PA, Sarah Watkins, highlights a math problem with a group of Studio College Algebra students.
Sophomores 2015
Look who made an appearance — it’s a group of our amazing sophomores who are taking their second year by storm!
More Sophomores2015
Dr. Melgarejo, Associate Professor, Human Ecology came to share with Pilots Sophomores his story about finding his passion. What an inspiring story he shared!
Pilots advisors, Nilima and Nidhi work out the final details for Chris Walton’s Spring, 2016 schedule during our busy week of enrollment. Remember, if you haven’t enrolled yet, meet with your Pilots advisor ASAP to get started!
SQ Wordcloud Fall 2015
Check it out! Here’s a wordcloud depicting this year’s Pilots students’ StrengthsQuest results! This years top 5 strengths were: Restorative, Empathy, Includer, Futuristic, and Harmony.




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