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Political Science

2015 – 2016 Scholarship Recipients

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The department held its annual scholarship reception on Friday April 10, 2015 in the Manhattan Room at the Manhattan Country Club. Family, guests, donors, and faculty members joined our scholarship winners and majors for an enjoyable afternoon. Please consider joining the fun at this year’s reception, which will be held at the Manhattan Country Club on Friday April 15, 2016.

Our scholarship winners include:

Button Political Science Scholarship – LAUREN JOHANNES

Reba Cobb Memorial Scholarship – SIERRA LEKIE

Louis H. Douglas Scholarship – REBECCA KAYE

Louis H. Douglas Scholarship – BRETT SITTS

Joseph Hajda Student Scholarship – DEANNA MILLIGAN

Donald R. Hill Scholarship – MICHAEL MAYS

Orma Linford Memorial Scholarship – CIARA CHAMBERS

Edward Allen McCoy Jr. Memorial Scholarship – JOSEPH OAKS

Edward Allen McCoy Jr. Memorial Scholarship – KYLE KLUCAS

Jon David Warner Scholarship – BRODIE HERRMAN

Richter Family “Beyond the Campus” Scholarship – MARLAENA GRIDLEY

Reiger-McCrerey Scholarship – SHAI WASHINGTON

Dennis K. Tapsak Memorial Scholarship – ROBERT SATTERWHITE

John Carlin Public Administration Scholarship – MADELINE WESTMAN

Tummala’s Master of Public Administration Fellowship – CHRISTINA QUIGLEY

Jon Wefald International Security Scholarship – DANAE DALLENBACK


Graduate Teaching Assistantship were awarded to:

ROBERT ADAMS                                       JUSTE CODJO

ALYSSA JACKSON                                   GHASHIA KIYANI

DAVID MITCHELL                                     CHRISTINA QUIGLEY

KATELYN ROUSH                                    DEREK SHAW

ANDREW WALKER                                 JARED WASINGER







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