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A Note from the Department Head

Calvin Hall

As many of you know, I have repeatedly pointed out how the Department of Political Science at KSU is a department on the move.  I am pleased to announce that this is now true both literally and figuratively.  Following a university wide selection process, our department was chosen to move into Calvin Hall, the former home of the School of Business, in January 2017.  We will be joined in Calvin by the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office and the Department of History.  Our new space offers a number of benefits.  It is located near the Student Union and the parking garage, allowing easy access for visitors and guests.  It has ample space for all of our faculty and graduate students, which should enhance interaction and collaboration.  It has common areas that are perfect for building a sense of comradery among our students.  Undergraduate and graduate majors can congregate to work on course projects, share ideas, and build potentially lifelong connections over common interests and ambitions.  Since Political Science and History are the constituent units of the Security Studies graduate program, our move will also produce even stronger bonds among faculty and students in this growing interdisciplinary program.  As should be apparent, we are excited about the move!

We are also excited about many other recent developments.  Since there are too many to include in a single e-newsletter, we decided to produce two e-newsletter this fall.  This first edition will provide an update on some of the remarkable achievements of our students.  The next edition will share highlights from our faculty and the various research enterprises that are helping to propel the department toward our 2025 goals. As always, please consider stopping by and visiting us when you are in town – but be sure to jot down our new address if you come after January 2017!

Jeff Pickering

Professor and Head

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  1. Congratulations on your new location in Calvin Hall! It’s very impressive to have your department chosen for this new space.

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