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Earhart Foundation to Sponsor Mini-Conference in Department

The Earhart Foundation, a charitable foundation established in 1929 by Harry Boyd Earhart, has provided a $7,500 grant to Dr. Laurie Johnson for a Mini-Conference featuring the authors contributing to Perspectives on Modern Honor, an edited volume that will be published by Lexington Press. The Mini-Conference will be held Friday, March 27, 2015 in KSU’s Hale Library (Hemisphere Room, 5th Floor). It is open to the public, and interested individuals are encouraged to attend.

Dr. Johnson and Dan Demetriou (University of Minnesota-Morris) will edit the published volume that will follow from the conference. The volume will include well-known scholars such as Sharon Krause (Brown University), Amitai Etzioni (George Washington University), Steven Forde (University of North Texas), Ajume Wingo (University of Colorado), and Richard Ned Lebow (Dartmouth University and King’s College, London). For information on the edited volume, visit https://sites.google.com/site/ lexingtonliberalism/Books-in-the-series. This website also features information on the book series that Johnson and Demetriou co-edit.

The series, Honor and Obligation in Liberal Society: Problems and Prospects, already has several books under contract. Dr. Johnson’s latest book, Honor in America? Tocqueville on American Enlightenment, will be published in the series. Honorethics.org is a blog, administered by Demetriou, and featuring posts from Demetriou, Johnson, and many other authors, that serves as the locus of the resurgent interest in the concept of honor as a motivator in politics, economics, and social life.

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