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Herspring Retires

Dr. Herspring at his Retirement Celebration
Dr. Herspring at his Retirement Celebration

After more than two decades of service to the department, University Distinguished Professor Dale R. Herspring retired in May.  A prolific scholar, Herspring has penned more than a dozen books and countless journal articles in outlets such as Armed Forces and Society and Problems in Post-Communism.  Herspring also founded the Political, Diplomatic, and Military Lecture Series at KSU and taught a number of courses that students will long remember, including the Professional Diplomat, Civil-Military Relations, and Politics of Russia & the Former Soviet Union.

A renowned scholar of Russian military affairs, Dale remains active in scholarship and the local community.  He is currently working on books on the Irish military and the Russian Military in the Artic.  A well-attended retirement ceremony was held for Dale in May.

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  1. Prof. Herspring (Sir), I am so sad to hear of your retirement, but count myself lucky enough to have been your student on multiple occasions from 2001 to 2004. Your witty insight and knowledgeable stories of the world learned firsthand will be missed on future students. But for this one, I thank you. Best wishes to you and your family, Captain Bill Mahan, US Army.

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