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Martinez Machain and Rosenberg Win Best Paper Award & Fliter Book Selected as Honorable Mention for Book Award

Carla Martinez Machain, associate professor of political science, and alum Leo Rosenberg (2015 MA in Political Science) have been selected as the recipients of the 2018 Glenn Palmer Prize for the best article in Conflict Management and Peace Science (CMPS), the flagship journal of the Peace Science Society. Martinez Machain and Rosenberg’s paper is titled “Domestic diversion and strategic behavior by minority groups”.

The article is summarized by the CMPS award committee as “address[ing] an under-appreciated facet of international relations and diversionary theory: minority groups’ engagement in tactics of strategic avoidance when governments hold incentives to repress. Martinez Machain and Rosenberg revisit diversionary theory through the lens of often-neglected minority constituent groups and present persuasive evidence via a series of robust multivariate tests at the rather novel state-minority group dyad level.”

We also encourage to take a look at Dr. Martinez Machain’s recent contribution to the Washington Post on U.S. foreign policy and Iran:



John Fliter’s recent book Child Labor in America: The Epic Legal Struggle to Protect Children was selected as a finalist for the 2019 David J. Langum, Sr. Prize in American Legal History.  The David J. Langum Sr. prize has been awarded annually since 2001 by the Langum Charitable Trust.

This prize recognizes scholarly work that is “accessible to the educated general public, rooted in sound scholarship, and with themes that touch upon matters of general concern to the American Public.”

Commentary on Fliter’s book and status as a finalist demonstrates the caliber and significance of the publication. His book is praised as “comprehensively and vividly chronicl[ling] the complex political and constitutional issues involved in what the title so aptly describes as the ‘epic struggle’ against child labor.”


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