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Notable Speakers Visit the Department

A number of prominent speakers have recently visited or will soon visit our department to meet with students and present innovative scholarship.  Watch the department Facebook page and twitter feeds for updates on future speakers!

Recent and upcoming visitors include:

Dr. Benjamin Fordham
Dr. Benjamin Fordham

Tom Holbrooke, Wilder Crane Professor at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin, visited last spring.

Nicolas Van de Walle, Maxwell M. Upson Professor at Cornell University, visited in September.

Benjamin Fordham, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science, SUNY-Binghamton, visited in October.

Jon Pevehouse, professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and editor of the prestigious journal International Organization will call on the department in December.

Dr. F. Gregory Gause III
Dr. F. Gregory Gause III

F. Gregory Gause, III, John H. Lindsey ’44 Chair and Head of the International Affairs Department at Texas A&M University, plans to visit in February.

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