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Political Science Seniors Honored for Leadership and Improving Campus Life

When K-State’s Division of Student Life honored 15 graduating seniors for contributions to KSU over the course of their collegiate careers this past April, five of the honorees were political science majors!  The Student Life Awards have been given annually since 1999 and competition for this distinction is fierce.   “It’s always a difficult decision,” Pat Bosco, KSU Vice-President and Dean of Student Life said. “K-State has so many remarkable seniors who go out of their way to improve the campus experience for other students, but this group’s accomplishments really stand out.”

The five political science seniors honored were:

  •  Elizabeth Foster, political science and American ethnic studies and pre-Law/women’s studies and leadership studies, Lansing;
  • Courtney Hallenbeck, political science and international studies, Junction City;
  • Rachel King, political science with a minor in public relations and leadership studies, Wichita;
  • Macy Warburton, political science and international studies with minor in nonprofit leadership studies and American ethnic studies, Cedar Vale; and
  • Dylan Works, economics and political science, with a minor in business, Iola.

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