Walking Safely at Night

Many of us find ourselves coming home near dusk or even dark.  Does this mean we should skip our evening physical activity?  No way.  Follow these tips to stay safe while walking at night.walking-safely-at-night

  1. Wear reflective gear. Being seen is important while walking in dim light to ensure safety. Some fitness pants and jackets have reflectors built in but if not, a reflective vest, belt, or straps can do the trick.
  2. Light the way. Use a headlamp or flashlight to clearly see your route.
  3. Be cautious of traffic. Always walk or run on a sidewalk if possible.  If no sidewalk is available, face oncoming traffic so you can see upcoming headlights and move out of the way.  Hearing traffic is important so skip the headphones at night.
  4. Bring a friend. Not only for company to make the walk more enjoyable but drivers are more likely to see two people rather than if you ventured out alone.
  5. Stay warm. Temperatures can drop quickly once the sun goes down. Remember you can always take off layers and tie a jacket around your waist.

By:  Ashley Svaty