Give an Active Gift

If you have a technology related item near the top of your holiday or birthday wish list, you’re not alone.  Many adults and children ask for some form of technology which might be a tablet, TV, smart phone, video game, etc.  Although these forms of technology might sound great and are okay to use every once in a while, too much sedentary behavior and screen time negatively impacts health in numerous ways.  Before making a purchase that will encourage more screen time and sitting, consider giving a gift that will keep kids and families active throughout the year!

Ideas for Active Gifts:

  • Balls, Frisbees, hula hoops
  • Sleds
  • Scooters, bikes and riding toys (along with helmet, knee/elbow pads)
  • Roller blades or roller skates (along with helmet, knee/elbow pads)
  • Sports equipment
  • Active music
  • Kites or sand box toys
  • Active board games
  • Family membership to a fitness center, children’s museum, or zoo.
  • Fishing poles
  • Gardening equipment
  • Pair of sneakers

Source: University of Nebraska Extension

By:  Ashley Svaty