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Rhoades to Serve as Post Rock District Director

Nora Rhoades has been named the Post Rock District Director, effective December 15, 2019. She will also serve as the Youth Development Extension Agent overseeing a comprehensive positive youth development program for the District. You can reach Nora by contacting any Post Rock District Office or by emailing nrhoades@ksu.edu.

Nora has served our five counties as a Family and Youth Development Extension Agent since 2014. Prior to that appointment, she served as a Post Rock District 4-H Program Coordinator. Nora lives in northern Smith County with her husband, Wyatt, and their three sons, Ty, Rence and Eldon. Wyatt operates a hay farm and cattle operation.

Nora is thrilled to continue serving K-State Research and Extension’s Post Rock District through her administrative leadership and by extending her passion for developing tomorrow’s difference makers.

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By: Nora Rhoades