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Do You Have a Plan for Passing Down the Farm?

Join us for learning the strategies for farm family success in the shark tank of “WHAT IF!” The event will feature nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Ron Hanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Harlan Agribusiness Professor Emeritus. The event is January 8, 2020 in Downs, KS beginning at 5:30PM. For complete details and to register visit https://www.postrock.k-state.edu/. Registration is due January 3. Contact Sandra Wick, District Crop Production Extension Agent, at 785-282-6823 or swick@ksu.edu.

By: Nora Rhoades

It’s Back to School Time!

Pack the book bags and pack the lunch! It’s time to head back to school! Help get your child to eat the lunch you packed with these tips:

  • Have them help choose foods at the store they like. They can also help pack their lunch.
  • If lunch time is short, pack bite sized foods. Cut sandwiches in fourths to grab easier. Pack grapes, string cheese, and whole wheat crackers.
  • Use easy open lunch bags and insulated bags with ice packs to keep cold foods cold.
  • Pack smaller portions so they don’t waste food. Keep nutrition in mind to give them good fuel on the go!

Source: www.eatright.org/resource/food/nutrition/eat-right-at-school/my-child-doesnt-eat-the-lunch-i-pack-what-do-i-do

By:  Ashley Svaty