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Can I Sell My Canned Goods?

Has anyone ever told you that your homemade jelly or salsa or other canned food is so delicious that you should sell it?  In some cases, this is legal, but in other cases, it is not. In Kansas any canned goods sold to grocery stores or other distributors, or products sold across state lines, require a food processor’s license and cannot be produced in a regular home kitchen.

In Kansas, fruit jams, jellies and canned fruits sold directly to consumers, such as a farmers market or at a craft show, do not require a license and can be made in a home kitchen.  Selling other canned products, such as sauerkraut, pickles, canned vegetable and most salsas, does require a license and cannot be made at home.  For more information on Kansas regulations for selling canned foods is available at http://www.bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/MF3138.pdf

By:  Ashley Svaty

Regional Farmers Market Vendor Workshops

KSRE is again working with the Kansas Department of Ag and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to put on regional workshops geared for current and prospective Farmers Market vendors, as well as a state farmers market conference geared for farmers market managers and related personnel. Registration for the regional workshops is $20. The cost includes lunch and vendors can bring their sales scale to get tested and certified for free by the Kansas Department of Ag. Lunch cannot be guaranteed if registering less than 10 days before the workshop.

Locations and dates for 2017 are listed below. A website with more information and link to online registration is available from https://fs22.formsite.com/KansasDeptAg/2017FMWorkshops/index.html.

  • Wichita – February 4 (held in conjunction with the KSRE Central Kansas Market Grower Workshop)
  • Olathe- February 10
  • Girard- February 11
  • Hays- February 17

The State Conference will be held in Manhattan, KS from March 16-17, 2017.

Contact Londa Nwadike, lnwadike@ksu.edu, for more information on the workshops and conference.

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By:  Ashley Svaty