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Christmas Plants Brighten the Holiday

Christmas plants such as poinsettias, holiday cactus, and amaryllis bulbs are a fun way to bring some color to the winter months. They like a bright, sunny location in your home and regular watering. With proper care these plants can be kept from year to year for lasting value.

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By: Cassie Homan

Protecting Seedling from Deer

Deer can cause serious damage to newly planted seedlings and young trees. When they browse the buds, they reduce growth rates, nipping the tree at the base can create multiple stemmed trees, and bucks rubbing their antlers on stems can kill the tree entirely.

Follow these tips from the Kansas Forest Service, to protect your young trees.


By: Cassie Homan

Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

Is the thought of cold, winter days bringing you down? Fall is the best time to plant bulbs to have a pop of color in your landscape in the spring. Bulbs are often the first plants to make an appearance after a long winter and can be enjoyed with little effort and maintenance.

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By: Cassie Homan

Fall Garden Clean-Up

You may be tempted to walk away from your garden after the first frost, but doing a simple clean up can greatly impact your garden next spring. It is important to get rid of leftover plant debris in annual flower beds and vegetable gardens to reduce the risk of pests and diseases.

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By: Cassie Homan

New Soil Testing Equipment

Post Rock Extension District is grateful for the support from the Solomon Valley Community Foundation to purchase new soil testing equipment for the Beloit Office. The equipment includes a soil probe, a soil testing kit including a bucket with augers (12” and 24”) and a portable drill. This equipment is available for producers and gardeners of Mitchell County to check out and use for obtaining soil samples for testing their soil for nutrient needs. There is also a handheld pH tester for our Post Rock Extension District staff to use for monitoring and testing the soil pH for clients.

Fall is a great time to take a soil test, stop by the office today!

By: Cassie Homan

Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant a Tree

You may have heard the Chinese Proverb “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”  Trees offer shade and beauty in our landscapes as well as reducing utility costs and providing food sources and habitat for wildlife, and the fall season is an excellent time to plant trees. In the spring, soils are cold and may be so wet that there isn’t enough oxygen for adequate root growth. Fall soils are warm and moist which encourages growth. When planted in fall, the tree becomes established well before a spring planted tree and is able to withstand summer stresses.

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By: Cassie Homan