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Welcome to the new Powercat Motorsports newsletter! Throughout the fall semester, we worked with K-State’s Division of Communications and Marketing to create this new platform for our newsletters.  We are very excited to try this new resource and hope you are as well.

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Fall Design Progress

Over the summer, team leaders have worked to create designs for the 2014-2015 car nicknamed Panther. FSAE has introduced new aerodynamic design rules for the upcoming year.  Therefore, to speed up the aero design process, a Senior Design team has been formed.  Our plans for this year are to finish the car as soon as possible to allow the most testing time.  To accomplish this, we will minimize the amount of changes from last year.  This includes using the same chassis tool and engine brand/model. The designs to suspension, drivetrain, and the brake systems will only have slight optimizations.  The suspension team is working to improve steering feel and decrease the steering radius.  The drivetrain team is utilizing a center lock wheel design for lighter weight and improved strength.  The brake system will have bigger front rotors and different calipers to improve deceleration and lower braking temperatures.

Since the school year has started the team has worked to organize each design team and prepare the shop for manufacturing to begin.  Due to the ongoing Phase IV construction, the Baja SAE team has moved in with us at the Foundation garage.  In order for us to have room for both teams, we have worked to clean out the shop and organize it as best we can.  The team should receive funding from the university within the next two weeks, so manufacturing will begin soon. In the meantime, we have continued testing 2014 Jaguar, which includes an endurance test that we finished at the spillway.  We were able to borrow cones from Salina Region SCCA and successfully completed 30 laps of a mock endurance track.  The weather even decided to rain throughout the test following the driver change.  The car was able to finish, without complication regardless of the weather and track conditions, which marks a milestone improvement over previous years.


Homecoming Results

Our organization participated in the homecoming competition for student organizations during the week of October 19 – 24.

We kicked off the week by running, or walking, in the Philanthropy 5K on Sunday. Approximately 25 team members attended this event, which benefited Special Olympics. A couple hours later, team members chalked a square in Bosco Plaza reflecting the homecoming theme, Coast to Coast. We received a fourth place finish for the sidewalk chalking competition. Then, that evening, members yelled and stomped at Pant the Chant, placing second in the event.

Tuesday was one of our favorite events, Paint the Ville. To complete this event, organizations are given a window of an Aggieville business. There they paint a mural reflecting the homecoming theme.

The next event was on Thursday in the form of a children’s carnival. For this we brought the car to the student union. A team member dressed up in full drive gear to take pictures with the kids. Many of the children were thrilled for the opportunity to both see and take a picture with a racecar and its driver. We placed fourth in this event.

Our last event was the parade on Friday. This year, we had three running cars for the event, Jaguar, Lynx, and Puma. The parade starts at the Manhattan Towne Center parking lot, proceeds down Poyntz, and then weaves over to Aggieville. The team enjoys this event because we are able to gain exposure for our organization. Additionally, many people are very excited to see K-State’s racing team. Keeping with the trend, we placed four in this competition.

Overall, the team placed second in the student organization division of the homecoming competition, being beat by only the Men’s Crew team. Homecoming week is a busy exciting for the team, which allows for team members to bond and get to know each other better. Powercat Motorsports leaders would like to thank all team members for their hard work to make this week successful.

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Winter Break Progress

The team kicked off winter break by sending machining foam to one of our sponsors to make molds for both the intake and side pods. After receiving the completed molds, the team prepped them by sanding to ensure proper dimensions. When this was complete, the team moved on to the engine dyno. Our aim was to ensure that everything was working properly to prepare for testing the engine. The head was sent off to be ported and polished, which helps improve performance. Also, the chassis team bent the roll hoops to be ready for the completion of the chassis.  A final focus of break was the inspection and repair of old cars in preparation of spring drive days.