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Faculty Achievements

Graff BookDavid Graff’s second book, The Eurasian Way of War: Military Practice in Seventh-Century China and Byzantium, was published by Routledge in the spring of 2016. The book challenges the notion of a distinctive Western way of war, identifying military similarities across Eurasia in the early medieval period and highlighting the influence of nomadic steppe peoples in bringing this about. Professor Graff, who has also edited the Journal of Chinese Military History since 2012, was promoted to full professor and named Pickett Professor of Military History in the spring of 2017.

Andrew Orr BookAndrew Orr’s first book, Women and the French Army during the World Wars, 1914-1940, was published by Indiana University Press in May, 2017. The book examines the integration of women into the French Army as civilian employees during and after the First World War and the effect they had on the Army’s culture and politics.

Sam BellCongratulations to Sam Bell, associate professor of Political Science! He has been named as a new editor for the International Studies Association’s quarterly journal International Studies Review. As part of the journal’s editorial team, he will ensure that the peer review process is followed for all submissions and he will help to decide which articles will eventually appear in the journal. The International Studies Association (ISA) is the oldest interdisciplinary association dedicated to international politics and global affairs and is composed of more than 7,000 members. Published by Oxford University Press, International Studies Review has a substantial impact on the field of international relations and is widely read by academics, practitioners, policy experts, private sector workers, and independent analysts. Dr. Bell also currently serves on the editorial board of another ISA journal, International Studies Quarterly, which is a notable achievement. Congratulations on these leadership roles in prominent ISA journals!

Martinez MachainCongratulations to Carla Martinez Machain for her promotion to associate professor with tenure in the Department of Political Science! Professor Martinez Machain conducts research on coercion in international and domestic politics. Her recent articles appear in leading journals of international relations, with many contributions on the influence of troop deployments on host state policies. Dr. Martinez Machain is an integral part of the Security Studies program, teaching the core graduate course on Terrorism and Transnational Security Issues each year. We are thankful for her contributions to the Security Studies program, and we’re excited to see her recognized for exceptional achievement as a scholar and mentor.

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