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– The Student Engagement Committee is working on codifying a more intentional relationship with the Center for Student Involvement Office. Legislation will be going through senate before the end of the term.

– The City-University Fund request has officially been submitted to the CUF city committee! Thanks to student input the three projects that the university is requesting the funding go toward are:

  1. Campus perimeter crosswalk and traffic improvements… $570,000
  2. Campus Creek stormwater box safety improvements… $250,000
  3. Colbert Hills special assessment support… $30,000

The student voice in this process has been immense. The response to the initial Fall survey regarding campus needs highlighted N. Manhattan flooding and the danger ofthe current crosswalk system.

– The SGA Intern Program is wrapping up an exciting year. The program consisted of 32 interns, representing all the various colleges and a broad range of majors at K-State. Throughout the year, the interns learned about various topics that impact student life, heard from campus administrators, and developing meaningful relationships with one another. Some of their sessions included a presentation from the Office of the Budget, a discussion with Dr. Pat Bosco and Dr. Sue Peterson, an update on the Cats’ Cupboard Erin Bishop, a mock judicial trial, and a chance to sit in on the executive branch cabinet meeting.

– On-Campus Allocations Committee is pleased to report that it has had an incredibly productive year allocating over $20,000 to 18 student groups for their events held On-Campus. Additionally, the committee allocated $9,962 for Open House funds to student groups representing 7 different colleges.

– The Travel Allocations Committee has had a busy semester!  In total, we’ve funded travel events for thirty-seven registered campus organizations stemming from all parts of campus life.  Our committee also utilized our Privilege Fee funding increase to review and reallocate funding to the men’s and women’s club sports teams.

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