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Dear Wildcats,

We hope your 2018 and semester is off to a great start! We wanted to give you an end of the year update for 2017 from the Student Governing Association and highlight some things to look forward to for the spring semester.

  • The selections for Associate Vice President of Student Life for Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs, Director of Center for Student Involvement, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer were announced recently.
  • During the fall 2017 semester at Student Senate, SGA participated in and completed Bringing in the Bystander Training with facilitation by the Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE). Click here for more information on this training.
  • Be prepared to come and engage with members of SGA during SGA week, February 4th-9th, to learn about everything from funding student organizations to the elections process.
  • Are you interested in getting involved in SGA and giving back to K-State? Check the website for rules & deadlines for elections: http://www.k-state.edu/elections/ 
  • Jack Ayres, Student Body President, sent out a letter in K-State Today reminding students to continue to reflect on the message of KSUnite as the semester came to a close.

Executive Branch Updates

  • The Diversity and Inclusion Committee met with the Associate Vice President of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs in their final meeting to discuss plans and goals for the spring. The committee is looking forward to hitting the ground running this semester.
  • Please fill out this survey regarding students opportunities and barriers to attending the annual All-University Career Fair.
  • The SGA Legislative Advocates Program strives to increase the volume and frequency of K-State student voices in the Kansas Legislature. The members of the program have undergone training in the advocacy process, increased their knowledge of the legislative process in Topeka, and fostered a culture of activism when it comes to advocating for higher education in Kansas. The program has three trips to Topeka planned in the spring to advocate for the restoration of the cuts to K-State’s funding for fiscal year 2017 and has planned voter registration drives for the spring.
  • Check out the Executive Branch here for more information: Facebook page, Twitter, Website.

Legislative Branch Updates

  • Last semester, 32 interns were selected to participate in a yearlong program designed to educate and prepare students to become future leaders across the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches of SGA. These students will participate in conversation with leaders across campus and the Manhattan community.
  • The Student Engagement Committee has continued to build connections between student groups and SGA as a whole. Furthermore, the committee has been working on planning a student organization workshop with the primary goal of connecting students to university resources.
  • GR Committee is proud to announce that joint leadership recommendations have been made to President Richard Myers for the City-University Fund. Two projects are being proposed:
    • Adjustments to crosswalks on N. Manhattan, Denison, and Sunset to improve pedestrian and driver safety.
    • The creation of a drainage pipe fitting that converts Campus Creek to a pipe that runs underneath N. Manhattan to insure the safety of anyone in the area in case of flooding.
  • The Privilege Fee Committee has heard three funding requests. Two have been approved by the student senate and one is currently being considered. The Fine Arts Fee was granted a small increase to cover increasing costs and the Collegian Media group has been granted a continuance for Fiscal Years 2019-2021. Student Senate is currently considering a continuance to KSDB-FM.
  • For news and upcoming events look at the K-State SGA Twitter or the Legislative Branch Website!


Judicial Branch Updates

  • The Judicial Branch implemented a training program last semester for the entire branch. Every two weeks departments from K-State come and present to the Judicial Branch informing members of how they can help students on campus.
  • The implementation of the Center for Student Involvement happened during the fall semester. The Student Tribunal can now hear a student organization’s appeal of a decision by the Center for Student Involvement regarding their compliance with the registration requirements.
  • Stay up to date with everything the Judicial Branch is doing throughout the semester: Facebook page, Instagram Page, Website.


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