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Can I Home Can Creamed Soup?

Home canning
Combine individually canned foods to create your favorite soup!

Soup is a tasty winter meal. But not all types of soup can be safely canned at home. Here’s some cautions for creamed soup.

  • Creamed soups are best preserved by freezing for safety.
  • Creamed soups are thickened with flour or other thickeners. These slow the heat transfer through the jar. This could lead to botulism. The safest choice is to add thickening agents when preparing the soup to eat.
  • All dairy products are low acid foods and should never be canned. Add these to soups just before serving.
  • Noodles, pasta, rice, dumplings, barley, etc. should not be canned. These foods interfere with heat transfer through the jar. Add these just before serving.
  • Thickened or creamed tomato soup should not be canned. Instead, can tomato juice, tomato vegetable juice blend, or crushed tomatoes (without added vegetables). When ready to make the tomato soup, add seasoning, vegetables, and thickeners, as desired.

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