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Changing Food Safety Behaviors

“I’ve handled food this way for 50 years. I’ve never gotten sick!” That person has been lucky, or got sick but didn’t know why. How can risky food safety behaviors be changed?

  1. Communicate the severity and susceptibility of the threat in words consumers use using metaphors or analogies. Use a 4th-6th grade level.
  2. Use graphics to show what the data means.
  3. Communicate efficacy using “should do”, “could do”, “You can do this!”, or “this works!”
  4. Use stories and emotion to connect to people personally.
  5. Make risks real, meaningful, connect, and explain how to fix risks.


About Karen Blakeslee

The Rapid Response Center was formed in 1995 as a resource for Kansas State University Research & Extension Agents. Resource topics included Food Science, Human Nutrition, Food Service, Textiles, Home Care and other consumer topics. Since that time, the Center has grown to be of valuable assistance to Kansas State University Extension Specialists in those areas.

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