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Adding Lavender to Food

Lavender is often used in soaps, perfumes and in home d├ęcor. But have you tried it in food?

English lavender is for culinary use. French lavender is used in cosmetics. While purple is the common color of lavender, varieties range from vivid purple to almost pink.

Lavender blooms are used for cooking and baking. The blooms should be crushed to release the fragrant oil. Here are some tips:

  • Lavender is an anti-microbial and should not be used in yeast bread.
  • Fat brings out the lavender flavor.
  • When infusing liquids, use fresh or dried lavender. Do not boil lavender in liquid, it will become bitter. Squeeze the lavender to get more flavor.
  • Lavender has a strong flavor; a little goes a long way!



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