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Food Blogs and Canning Recipes

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Food bloggers have taken the internet by storm in many creative ways. But when it comes to home canning safety, these resources include methods that could lead to foodborne illness.

The University of Maine conducted a study of 56 blog posts from 43 food blogs on how to can salsa. They examined the adherence to several food safety factors including acidification, thermal processing, contaminants and vacuum sealing. They found a majority of these guidelines were not followed (an average of 70% across all categories). The biggest concern was lack of acidification (91%). Many did not provide guidance on adjusting for altitude.

Food bloggers are influencers. They have an opportunity to educate, while still entertain with good food, and more importantly, reduce the risk of foodborne illness!

Source: Food Protection Trends, Vol. 39, No. 5, p. 377-396

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