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How Safe is Grocery Shopping?

Plan ahead! Shop your kitchen first. Make a list to make your shopping trip efficient.

We have to give grocery stores a lot of credit for going above and beyond to keep their doors open these days. So, while they do their part to keep food safe, we must do the same.

Do you need to let groceries sit in the garage for a few days after bringing them home? This can have some other serious food safety implications for perishable foods such as milk and meat. There is some indication that COVID-19 can inactivate at room temperature. But all groceries would have to be contaminated to be an issue. Simply wash your hands after shopping, put away groceries safely, then wash your hands again.

Cleaning food packages or washing fresh produce with soap is not recommended. Fresh produce can be safely washed and scrubbed in plain water. After handling packages, simply wash your hands again before food preparation.

Reusable bags are not recommended for use in some stores. Wash these bags often to keep them clean. Throw away plastic bags.



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