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Kids Cook Monday

To help encourage kids to cook, learn strategies to implement Kids Cook Monday in a webinar scheduled for Monday, April 23, 2018.

This webinar will explain The Kids Cook Monday initiative and why it is beneficial to schools and communities. It focuses on parents and children cooking together to focus on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. There are many benefits of children and parents preparing meals together, including better health and nutrition, academic skills, and the start of healthy behavior patterns. The webinar will also explain why Monday is the best day to begin this practice, and convey effective ways to implement and maintain The Kids Cook Monday program.

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No Juice Before Age One

Because of rising rates of obesity and dental health issues in children, the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends against feeding children under age one any fruit juice.

They recommend 100% fruit juice as part of a healthful diet for children over age one. It should be limited to 4 ounces daily for ages 1-3; 4-6 ounces for ages 4-6; and 8 ounces for children 7-18. Toddlers should not drink juice from sippy cups or bottles and not served juice at bedtime.

This change marks the first change since 2001 by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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