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Preventing Oven Burns

Have you ever removed a hot pan from the oven and burn your wrists or arms on the oven rack? Ouch!

To help prevent these accidents, try using oven rack guards. These guards cover the front rim of the oven rack. Some brands are made from silicone. Other brands are made of flame-resistant fabric. Be sure to measure your oven rack to get the best fit for your oven. Follow manufacturer instructions for use while broiling. Always remove them before running the self-cleaning cycle.

Using oven rack guards can improve oven safety for kids in the kitchen!


Safe Convenience Food Preparation

MicrowaveCook It Safe!

Every year, one in six Americans become ill from foodborne illness. Many times, these illnesses are traced back to improperly cooking foods, especially convenience foods. The Partnership for Food Safety Education has a education effort entitled Cook It Safe! to help consumers learn about safe cooking.

Not all convenience foods are intended to be heated or cooked in a microwave. Many are conventional oven use only. So, always read and follow the cooking directions on the package. If a microwave can be used, know the microwave wattage to know how much time it will take to heat the food. Finally, always use a thermometer to safely reach the proper internal temperature. Many convenience foods need “stand time” after cooking to allow the food to reach safe temperatures.

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