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What is Pearled Barley?

Barley is used in salads, soups or in place of rice. Pearled barley is commonly found in grocery stores. But what is pearled barley?

When barley is polished, or “pearled”, it removes some or all of the bran layer as well as the barley hull. If it is heavily pearled, it has a white color. If it is lightly pearled, it has a tan color.

It is classified as a refined grain, but is still healthier than other refined grains because it still has some bran and fiber is throughout the entire kernel.

Pearled barley cooks quickly. There is also a quick pearl barley that is a barley flake that cooks in about 10 minutes.




New Whole Grain Stamp

The Whole Grains Council has introduced another Whole Grain stamp to help shoppers search for whole grain foods. The 50% stamp will show up on foods in the first half of 2017. The stamp is available on over 11,000 products in 55 countries.

The three stamps include:

100% Stamp—The product contains all whole grains. The minimum requirement is 16g (a full serving) of whole grain per serving.

50% Stamp—The product contains half or more whole grains in the grain ingredients. The minimum requirement is 8g (a half serving) per serving.

Basic Stamp—The product contains at least 8g of whole grains (a half serving) per serving and may contain some refined grains.

Each stamp shows how many grams of whole grain ingredients are in a serving of that specific product.

Learn more about the Whole Grain stamps at