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2015 Student Teacher Send Off

Back L to R: Mack Witzel, Jacob Stroda, Sara Schifferdecker, Sarah Lewis, Hannah Anderson, Kinzie Selke, Kailtyn Harlow, Jon Meyer. Front L to R: Amanda Strickler, Tara Lohse, Katelyn Vincent, Sara Wendt, Theresa Jardine, Alicia Hampton and Kayla Klahr

Story by Hannah Anderson, senior (AGED) and Jennifer Ray (master’s student)

This month, the communications and agricultural education department sent 15 student teaching interns to high school programs across the state. The interns will spend 19 weeks living, interacting and teaching in their respective communities.

“There’s no better way to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ag teachers everywhere face: planning curriculum, teaching all day, managing student growth opportunities, building relationships with students and families, and developing and sharing a passion for agriculture,” says Shannon Washburn, agricultural education professor. “It’s the best on-the-job training we can provide.”

This internship allows seniors to explore the career while receiving the guidance of an experienced cooperating teacher.

“None of these experiences would be possible without the crucial role of cooperating teachers and schools. We, and the next generation of agricultural education professionals, sincerely thank them,” says Washburn.

This is the last step of the journey for these 15 students, as they anticipate receiving their bachelor’s degrees in agricultural education after completing of the internship. Faculty visit each of the high schools throughout the semester to check in, learn about the experiences and provide advice.

Tara Glidden is already enjoying her role as a student teacher at Ft. Scott High School.

“Every day I am eager to get into the classroom, to interact with the students, as we learn more about the agricultural industry and different leadership experiences FFA has to offer,” says Glidden. “Each student has such a diverse background and knowledge in agriculture, and I enjoy watching them express their personal experiences in the classroom and the lab.”

Best wishes to the following student teaching interns and their coordinating teachers:

  • Alica Hampton— Washington County High School, John Kern (’98)
  • Jon Meyer— Norton High School, Garrett Beydler (’84)
  • Sara Schifferdecker— Minneapolis High School, Jerry Schmidt (’79)
  • Kinzie Selke— Scott City High School, Kevin Davis (’83)
  • Hannah Anderson— Hoxie High School, Krista (Rice) Mauck (’10)
  • Katelyn Vincent— Marysville High School, Jacque (LaRue) Gabbert (’09) & Craig Lister (’83)
  • Mack Witzel— Columbus High School, KC Youngblood
  • Kaitlyn Harlow— Rock Creek High School, David Holliday (’88)
  • Theresa Jardine— Riverton High School, Jacob Larison (’96)
  • Kayla Klahr— Lawrence Free State High School, Laura Priest (’06)
  • Sarah Lewis— Hillsboro High School, Sonya Roberts (’90)
  • Amanda Strickler— Clay Center Community High School, Jay Bohnenblust (’84) &  Mike Beying (’09)
  • Jacob Stroda— Jetmore High School, Harmon Bliss (’84)
  • Sara Wendt— Eudora High School, Jacob Lang (’03)
  • Tara Glidden— Ft. Scott High School, Kyle Parks (’83)

Learn more about this interns on the department website.


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