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Family Ties in the ACJ Program

Story by  Jill Seiler, ACJ (sophomore)

Growing up with older siblings, I was frequently called by their names and mistaken for them in school. Usually when you go to college, this stops happening and you are no longer attached to your siblings.

Jill Seiler (left) and Malerie Strahm (right) take in a Diamondbacks baseball game during downtime at AMS.
Jill Seiler (left) and Malerie Strahm (right) take in a Diamondbacks baseball game during downtime at AMS.

If you decide to attend the same college and major in the same field as your older sister, like I did, you can still expect to be called so-and-so’s little sister.

For me it’s “Maggie’s little sister.”

Maggie graduated in May 2015 from the ACJ program. Since I was a freshman in the same major, she pushed me to get involved in clubs and activities. She also suggested I attend Ag Media Summit last month in Arizona.

I was a little nervous to attend the conference because I didn’t know anyone else going from K-State. Even without knowing anyone attending, I really enjoyed the conference. Attending the different workshops made me excited to return to school and learn more about my intended career.

I also started building the relationships that we are told in our classes are so important. Not only did I become closer with fellow agricultural communications and journalism students from K-State and meet students from other universities, but I also met and began to recognize the people in the industry who I will eventually go to for internships or jobs.

After going to Ag Media Summit this year, I will definitely be going back next year and encouraging other ACJ students from K-State to attend.

Probably the most important thing I realized at the conference was that it isn’t such a terrible thing to be known as “Maggie’s little sister.” Without her I would not have attended the conference, and it’s a great conversation starter!

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