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Making Spring Break Memories

Story by Jackie Newland, sophomore (ACT)

Students view spring break as a time to relax and prepare for the remainder of the spring semester. For some, relaxation means travel and new experiences with lifetime friends made at K-State.

The Oregon mountains – photo courtesy of Brooke Harshaw


Brooke Harshaw, junior, is especially excited for her spring break traveling plans with fellow student Nicole Lane, also a junior in ACJ.

“For SB2015 (that’s what everyone’s calling it these days, right?), I’m Oregon-bound with Nicole Lane. We will be traveling in and around the state to see her family, and make a stop in Bend, Oregon, to see an old friend of mine,” says Harshaw.

“I’m pretty excited about this trip because I’ve been to Oregon, but also because I haven’t been home with Nicole yet,” says Harshaw. “It’s always a lot of fun when you get to bring people home with you from college, so I can’t wait to meet her family and see where she grew up.”

Lane and Harshaw in Portland - photo courtesy of Brooke Harshaw
Lane and Harshaw in Portland – photo courtesy of Brooke Harshaw

The key to creating great spring break memories lies within the company you keep; location also plays a part.

“I haven’t been anywhere exciting for break before, so I figured I should have that experience before I graduate,” says Kylie Blythe, ACJ, sophomore.

Along with her roommates and a group of friends, Blythe will take a five-day road trip to South Padre Island, Texas.

“We’ve rented out a condo to stay in during the week. It should probably be pretty fun, because I love the beach,” says Blythe.

Along with her first spring break trip, Blythe will be celebrating her birthday with family when she returns from Texas.

ACJ students are using spring break to make connections with friends and have new experiences — creating memories and friendships that will go with them beyond K-State.


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