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Department of Communications and Agricultural Education

Summer Research Intern

Hello Wildcats!

My name is Iyonna Campbell, I am a junior at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Ioynna Campell works on her research project.
Ioynna Campell works on her research project.

My major is communications and my minor is agriculture. I was offered a position to intern at K-State and work under Zelia Wiley, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Director of the Diversity Programs Office in the College of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension, and Lauri Baker, associate professor of communications and agricultural education.

I was interested in working with Dr. Wiley and Dr. Baker to progress further into agricultural communications. While working with Dr. Baker I met some great people! Cassie Wandersee and Scot Stebner really taught me research.  What they showed me really introduced me to the best of both worlds when it comes to agriculture and communications.

I worked on a nation-wide content analysis of garden center new media marketing for two weeks. Although the time span was short, I was able to thoroughly analyze how companies promoted themselves. Even though I have not finished yet, the most exciting part of it all is the joy I feel knowing in the end I will be helping these companies. I will be telling them what to improve on as far as promotion and hopefully their sales and productivity will increase.

After I graduate I hope to attend K-State to receive my masters in agricultural communications. I want to really perfect my craft in agriculture communications and help way more people along the way.

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