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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Message from the Department Head

Joseph P. Harner III
Joseph P. Harner III
This past academic year was a memorable one as Kansas State University, founded in 1863, celebrated its sesquicentennial.  Faculty, students, alumni and friends joined to recognize K-State’s proud heritage and to look toward the future.  The department of biological and agricultural engineering (BAE) joined in the sesquicentennial festivities and celebrated our own milestone — our centennial as an agricultural engineering department.

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Alumni Are Making a Difference

Thank you to all of our alumni and friends who have contributed financially during the past year.  Your gifts make a world of difference in the opportunities afforded our students and faculty.  Our alumni are providing tremendous advantages to our students through 25 scholarships and generous support of our design teams, as well as contributions to our enhancement funds.

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STORM (Sustaining Terrain and Off-Road Machinery) 2050 – Latest BAE Initiative

Since 1914, machinery systems have been a core strength of BAE. Machinery systems and sustainability of our natural resources will be vital in meeting the increasing global food demands projected between now and 2050. During the past six months, the department has developed K-State STORM 2050, which stands for Sustaining Terrain and Off-Road Machinery. This vision focuses on excellence in education, research and outreach. STORM 2050 creates an engineering and technology learning experience where creativity and professional growth in the field of off-road machinery are a foundation in meeting the global grand challenges related to food security.

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Your Thoughts Matter

The department is considering developing a Professional Science Master (PSM) program offered through distance education venues. Admission to the PSM program would require a science- or engineering-based bachelor’s degree plus work experience. Initial discussion has focused on offering options in precision agriculture, water (quantity) and biotechnology. The master’s degree program would include 12 common hours of core subject matter, 16 to 18 hours of technical subject matter related to a specific field and two hours of report.

Your input is needed with our plans. Let us know:

• Is this the type of advanced education that interests you or your company?

• Would you use the course offerings for professional development, continuing education credits or pursue the master’s degree?

• Which field of study would you like to see developed first or are there others that as a department we should consider developing?

• If the opportunity were available, would you be willing to be an adjunct professor and teach, via video, a one-, two- or three-credit-hour course?

Send your thoughts and input to Joe Harner at jharner@k-state.edu or 785-532-5580.