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November 2017 Management Minute

“What Makes a Successful Team in the Workplace?”

by Justin W. Waggoner, beef systems specialist

Most of us have had some experience with being part of a team. What makes some teams more successful than others? The tech giant “Google” has invested a great deal of time and resources into studying teams and reported ( that their most successful teams have the following traits. Successful teams

  • Establish psychological safety within the team. The team creates an environment where all members of the team feel free to bring new ideas forward to the group.
  • Are dependable. The team holds its members accountable, getting things done on time and up to the standards of the group.
  • Have structure and clarity. The members of the team know their role in the team and have a clear vision of the team’s structure and the expectations associated with their role on the team.
  • Have a purpose. The team members believe that what they are doing matters.

A wealth of information on building teams and characteristics can be found with a simple internet search.

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