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KHFI: Summary of Funded projects

KHFI logoThe Kansas Healthy Food Initiative (KHFI) was launched in November of 2017 with funding from the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF). The Center for Engagement and Community Development (CECD) at Kansas State University serves as the food access organization for the KHFI. CECD provides technical assistance and determines eligibility for funding. Partners in the KHFI include CECD, NetWork Kansas, IFF (a Community Development Financial Institution), and KHF. The Food Trust provides consulting support to the KHFI. Through the end of the first quarter in March 2019, the KHFI provided 214 instances of technical assistance to food access stakeholders in 46 Kansas counties including 24 out-of-state requests. Almost one-third of the requests come from existing business owners who are interested in sustaining healthy food access for their communities.

The KHFI received 33 applications for funding through the end of March 2019. 13 projects received funding approval totaling almost $740,000 in loans and $320,000 in grants.  To learn more about the projects funded by KHFI visit their website here.

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