Kansas State University


Department of Communication Studies

2013 Senior Colloquium Thesis Projects

Undergraduate seniors in communication studies researched, wrote and presented an extensive detailed thesis for Senior Colloquium taught by Dr. LeAnn Brazeal and Amanda Bouc. Over thirty seniors, listed below, presented their thesis for a panel of Communication Studies professors.

Hayley Beason, Natalie Wells and Kelsey Yadon
Communication Studies students Hayley Beason, Natalie Wells and Kelsey Yadon preparing to present their theses.

The Season Three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Critical Analysis of Feminist Ideals in Reality Television

by Hayley Beason

An Examination of Relational Dialectics Theory in Mother-Daughter Communication about Body Image

by Kelsey Yadon

Season Four of Animal Planet’s, Pitbulls and Parolees: An Objective Analysis of Parolee Portrayals in Reality Television

by Natalie Wells

Rhetorical Analysis of the Sermon on the Mount from an Aristotelian Perspective

by Benjamin Field

Casey Martin: A Rhetorical Analysis of Counter-Narratives to Reconstruct Communication about Disability

by Erin Gerken

A Scandalous Fall Via Social Media: Anthony Weiner and Image Restoration

by Gregory Hayes

Chris Kluwe Writes Open Letter to Maryland State Delegate Emmett Burns: AN Analysis of How to Legitimize a Social Movement

by Beau Hentzen

Assimilation into the Unknown

by Collin Cooper

Colin Cooper

The Rhetoric of the Prime Rib of America: A Neo-Aristotelian Analysis of Lady Gaga’s Utilization of Aristotle’s Theory of Rhetoric in the Fight for the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

by Rebecca Hollington

How Conflict Changes as Relationships Become More Intimate: An Analysis of Environmental Communication Via Blog Site

by Alyssa Blackburn

Alyssa Blackburn

A Look at Marriage and Men Through the Lens of Expectancy Violations Theory

by David Irons

Rihanna and Cris Brown Reunited: An Analysis of Gender as an Ideological Approach

by Jada Jackson

Elaboration Likelihood Model: A Third Hybrid Approach to Persuasion

by Justin Leatherman

Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”: A Narrative Analysis of Communication Through Music

by Lindsy Liggett

An Analysis of Persuasive Communication About the Environment

by Crystal Allison


Alyssa Blackburn, Crystal Allison and Lindsy Ligget

Changing Beauty Ideals; Analyzing the Dove Real Beauty Campaign

by Amelia Lewis

Aristotelian Rhetoric and the #EndItMovement: Innovation and Effective Use of Social-Media

by Justin Meyer

Gungor and Liturgical Post-Rock: An Analysis of Song Rhetoric in Identity Formation within the Social Movement of Evangelical Christianity

by John Petterson

John Petterson
John Petterson

A Feminist Criticism Perspective on Lifting the Ban of American Women in Combat

by Melissa Slater

“Moneyball” The Fantasy Theme of Billy Beane and the “Moneyball” Approach

by Michael Stratton

Michael Stratton

Jose Antonio Vargas’s Outing of Immigration Status: A Rhetorical Analysis of a Social Movement Autobiography through a Newspaper Story

by Jenna Suprenant

Analysis on the Documentary Catfish: Developing an Online Relationship

by Sidney Foster

Adolph Hitler’s Speech “The Triumph of Will” Rhetorical Analysis Using Logos, Ethos and Pathos

by Heather Wecker

Heather Wecker, Sidney Foster and Jenna Surprenant

A Rhetorical Criticism of Lil Wayne’s Documentary “The Carter”

by Jacob Weakland

Sunland, Inc. Peanut Butter Recall Press Releases: Image Repair Strategies

by Justin Weers

Fear Appeal and Protection Motivation Theory Applied in a Public Service Announcement

by Danielle Willburn

Rhetorical Vision and Identity Creation in the Christian Challenge Community

by Jim Woods

Ideology and Communications in Ellis County, Kansas: A Case Study in Ideological Criticism

by Matthew Finley

Matthew Finley

Coming Together for a Better Tomorrow?

by Jared Wylan

Taking Online Dating to the Next Level: An analysis of CMC through SIPT

by Kali Yates

So Close Yet So Far

by Mallory Zila

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