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Ambassadors make history

The 2014-15 ambassadors

The College of Education has its largest group of ambassadors in history – 54 – for the 2014-15 school year.

This record-setting group was selected from a highly competitive field to represent the college at a variety of functions. These ambassadors are taking on higher profile roles than ever before in the areas of recruiting, promoting teaching as a career, communicating a positive image and assisting newly admitted students.

Officers are:

President: Becky Brady, EE – math, Wichita
Vice president: David Zeiger, SE – math, Overland Park
Secretary: Vanessa Burdiek, EE – special education, Centralia
Treasurer: Kelly Kristiansen, SE – math, Lawrence
Historian: Jessica Leichter, EE – special ed/Spanish, Shawnee
Membership chair: Allie Love, EE – ESL, Shawnee
Public Relations: Brandon Eastman, SE – Spanish, Haysville; and Tabitha McPheron, SE – math, Ottawa
Education council representative: Kathleen Hail, SE – math, Olathe

The ambassadors are:

Paxton Akin, EE, Olathe; Bonnie Bailey, EE – math, Washington; Alyssa Bisagno, EE –  social science, Augusta; Kasey Criser, EE – English, Wichita; Sara Curran, EE – ESL – Overland Park; Kortney Edelman, EE – special ed, Sabetha; Shawn Finch, SE – human ecology/life skills, Seattle, Washington; Bailey Fischer, EE – special ed, Wichita; Mitch Fulner, EE – social science, Killingworth, Connecticut; Tori Gilmore, EE – social science, Augusta; Madison Grier, SE – math, Stilwell; Justin Haun, EE – math, Fall River; Nathan Herrman, SE – Spanish, Lawrence; Alyssa Hilderman, EE – ESL, Topeka; Sydney Ho, SE – math, Topeka; Leah Kellerman, EE – special ed, Leawood; Cody Kennedy, SE – math, Phillipsburg; Lauren Laudan, EE – Spanish, Mission Hills; Rachel Londeen, EE – social science, Shawnee; Hannah Martin, SE – English & social studies, McPherson; Nicole Mason, EE-English, Mulvane; Molly Maxwell, EE – English, Iola; Rachelle McGehee, SE – math, Hesston; Emma Miller, EE – special ed, Manhattan; Taylor Murray, EE-ESL, Andover; Kilee Nolen, EE – ESL, Shawnee; Katie Noll, math, Nortonville; Shannon Oakley, SE – math, St. George; Cassidy Pascal, ESL, Wichita; Daniel Patterson, SE – social studies, Merriam; Jessi Pennybacker, SE – Spanish, Geneva, Illinois; Charlee Pierson, EE – special ed, Rolla; Sarah Potter, EE – special ed, Winfield; Chelsey Regester, EE – Spanish, Maize; Becca Renteria, SE – social studies, Olathe; Emily Schadler, EE – ESL, Olathe; Brendan Schmitz, SE – physics/math, Olathe; Kara Schnake, SE – chemistry, Augusta; Elizabeth Stover, EE – English, Prairie Village; Emilie Taylor, EE – ESL, Hays; Kaley Taylor, EE – ESL, Auburn; Elizabeth Vater, SE – English, Overland Park; Sarah Watkins, EE – math, Derby; Katherine Wernes, EE – math, Overland Park; and Kate Whitsitt, EE – ESL, Lenexa.

EE = elementary education SE = secondary education