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A Fitting Conclusion to Your Semester

ideasIt’s November and, believe it or not, the end of your first semester is quickly approaching! You’re wanting a strong ending that provides a meaningful and engaging conclusion to the semester. Let’s see what some of your favorite C&I faculty have to offer:

  • Dr. Brad Burenheide (Secondary Social Studies) —“A simulation.”
  • Dr. Sherri Martinie (Secondary Math) — “I’ve had students write a letter to future students giving them background, tips, suggestions, etc. They could also write a letter to themselves summarizing successes and setting goals. I’ve had students design board games around a particular unit or topic of study as a way to review for a final exam. Then they play each other’s games.”
  • Dr. Tom Vontz (Elementary Social Studies) —“A comprehensive final exam or project that requires kids to put pieces of learning together in a new way.”
  • Dr. Vicki Sherbert (Secondary English/Language Arts, Speech/Theatre, Journalism) —“Have students record brief book commercials to share with new students who may join the class throughout the semester.”
  • Dr. Phillip Payne (Music Education) — “One of my favorites every year is the cover band project. Students cover their favorite Christmas song using non-traditional instruments or digital music production.”