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Be Ready for Your First Open House/Parent Night

Chances are your school will have an open house or parent night during the first week or two of your new school year.

That can be an intimidating event, even for veteran teachers, but it also can be a valuable way to connect with your students’ families and create a partnership with them. It’s a chance to provide a brief sense of who you are, open the line of communication with them, and help them understand you’re all focused on helping their child have a successful school year.

Make the most of this opportunity by considering the following:

  • Some families will be uncomfortable in the situation, so be welcoming. If possible, greet them at the door.
  • Have a one-page, brief handout ready with your name, school telephone number, and school email address. List the time of your plan period and any other times you’re available at school (such as before or after school). One or two sentences about your goals for the class are also helpful.
  • If the event includes families visiting their students’ classrooms, have your room neat–with a message and key information displayed. Be sure to include your name, classes taught, and any scheduling information they would find useful.
  • If you have an opportunity to visit with them individually or as a whole group, keep your message brief, since time will be limited and they may have several other teachers to visit.

After the event, jot down key information and ideas about the students to help you connect with them and be more successful in your class.