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        Kansas State University is hosting BSMP students majoring in the STEM fields in the Colleges of  Agriculture, Engineering, Technology, and Arts & Sciences. The program consists of two academic semesters and a summer “academic training” or internship / research position.  If a student needs additional language instruction, they may have an initial semester studying English Language. The following interview is with BSMP student, Gilnei Pellegrin, who was successful in his English classes and won the Outstanding Student Award, excelled in his academic classes, and was able to get an internship with the Computer Science department here at KSU.

  The Brazilian Science Mobility Program (BSMP) partnership with Kansas State University started in the Spring Semester of 2012.  The English Language Program (ELP) has thoroughly enjoyed having this group of students; they are committed, driven individuals who bring optimism, diversity, and knowledge to our campus.  The first semester there were about 10 to 12 students; now there are about 156 students between the Manhattan and Salina campus who participate.  “This is arguably the most extensive, high quality mobility program supported by a government anywhere in the world,” stated Associate Provost for International Programs, Marcelo Sabates.  He went on to say that they are students who are selected by government agencies, so these are extremely good students.  They come here and do exceptionally well in their language and academic training.  It’s a great opportunity for our faculty members and for our own students from Kansas and elsewhere, as well as for Brazil.”

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  1. Excellent work, Gilnei. I’m so happy to see so many students on campus. I’ve had several BSMP students in class and the classes are always improved by their presence.

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