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Faculty and staff giving breaks records

The All-University Campaign for K-State broke records in 2012, with 42 percent of faculty and staff participating. And that’s just one of several exciting numbers K-State faculty and staff are proud to share. Here are a few more:

• 2,100 faculty and staff made a gift this year
• 51 made a gift through payroll deduction
• 215 made a gift for the first time
• More than $1.3 million dollars raised during the 2012 campaign!

The All-University Campaign for K-State is an internal fundraising effort run by campus faculty and staff volunteers specifically focused on the participation of all employees including the Manhattan campus, K-State Salina, K-State Olathe, K-State Alumni Association, KSU Foundation and K-State Athletics. It is an annual campaign for all members of the campus community to participate in by supporting the areas of the university they care about most.

“I support the All-University Campaign because I’m proud to work for K-State, and I believe in what we have planned for our future,” said Kathryn Harth, program coordinator for conferences and noncredit programs in the Division of Continuing Education and All-University Campaign co-chair for 2012. “I feel like my donation helps to guarantee we will continue to be a major influence in higher education and in our state. This campaign is about sending a message to alumni, K-State supporters and future students, and I want to be a part of that positive message.”

Learn more about the All-University Campaign for K-State.

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