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Category: Spring 2019

Spotlight on undergraduate research

Undergraduate student Hallie Bruce first became interested in Petrology during the spring 2018 semester while taking GEOL 503, taught by Dr. Kempton. In class, she learned more about magmatic and metamorphic processes through careful petrographic investigation and long hours observing thin sections through a petrographic microscope. It was then that she started to become more interested in economic geology and using petrology to understand the formation of ore-deposits, and during summer 2018, she decided to do a research project with Dr. Lacroix on the topic.  As a result of her summer research experience, she has decided to work toward a senior thesis that will focus on one aspect of ore deposit petrology: fluid inclusions. Continue reading “Spotlight on undergraduate research”

2019 Alumni Fellows

The K-State Alumni Fellows Program, sponsored by the Alumni Association, the President’s Office and the Deans Council, recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers. We are pleased to count Woody Leel (Bachelor in Geology, class of 1966) as a recipient of this prestigious fellowship. Well done Woody!

Since 1983, the program has brought successful alumni back to campus to meet with students and faculty and share their expertise in the classroom and at informal settings.

Fellows are chosen by each college to return as distinguished guests and as mentors, friends and counselors. They are honored in recognition of the ultimate measure of a university – not curricula, facilities or programs, but the quality of its alumni.

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