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Department of Geology

Introducing New People

The department of Geology is pleased to introduce our new postdoctoral researcher.

Dr. David Pompeani received a Ph.D in geology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship in Geography at K-State, David joined the Department of Geology in August of 2019. Dr. Pompeani is an isotope geochemist and sedimentologist. He studies past environmental change caused by both natural climate variability and anthropogenic forcings. Dr. Pompeani’s current research seeks to understand the biogeochemical consequences of forest fires in the Rocky Mountains, past hydroclimate variability in the Midwestern U.S., and the geochemical legacy of copper mining in the Upper Great Lakes. For this he combines field and laboratory work to document past environmental change using lake sediment cores and other terrestrial deposits, such as glacial erratics. To compliment his research, David will be teaching large enrollment introductory geology classes.

Information about David’s research publications is available here https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=btPlYgMAAAAJ&hl=en

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