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Graduate Student Council bring out the best in graduate students

Now more so than ever graduate students at Kansas State University are enhancing their leadership experience, professional development potential and communication skills. Through the student led Graduate Student Council (GSC), graduate students have opportunities to learn and develop transferable skills outside of their academic programs. They are becoming well-rounded individuals, learning how to balance graduate school with other extracurricular opportunities through the support and opportunities provided by GSC. Continue reading “Graduate Student Council bring out the best in graduate students”

News, Awards and Events

This article highlights Graduate School news, events and current student and graduate faculty successes:

  • Graduate Student Ambassador program
  • K-State Graduate Research, Arts, Discovery (K-GRAD) Forum
  • Capitol Graduate Research Summit winners
  • Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award winners
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Science Small Research Grant winners

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Dean’s Message

Dean, Carol ShanklinAs we reflect on the gifts we have received throughout our lives, the one that has had the greatest effect has been the gift of education.

Other gifts, even though appreciated at the time of receipt, often become outdated, outgrown or no longer of interest, but the gift of education rarely loses its value as we use it daily in our lives.

A special thank you to graduate alumni who have contributed to the gift of education for our graduate students. These valuable contributions have made students’ education more affordable, created research opportunities and awards, and supported professional development, travel opportunities, and networking events. Your gifts have encouraged students to achieve more than we thought feasible.

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Fulbright program brings international students to campus, expand education and explore culture

Students from all parts of the world cross masses of land to study in a graduate program at Kansas State University. Currently 19 international students’ gift of education is being supported by a Fulbright Fellowship.

The Fulbright program provides international students the opportunity to explore and engage with students and faculty in their field in a different cultural setting while undertaking a graduate experience at a U.S. university.

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Dean’s Message

Dean, Carol ShanklinAnother exciting semester has begun with many new opportunities and awards for our graduate students.  We began fall semester with the Graduate School Orientation sessions to welcome our new graduate students and provide them information to facilitate their success.  More than 340 new graduate students participated in the on-campus orientation sessions that included the introductory session on August 19 where the students were provided key information to facilitate their success, learned about the opportunities offered by the Graduate Student Council and experienced situations that new graduate students often find themselves in through role playing by graduate students in Drama Therapy. Continue reading “Dean’s Message”

Edward Eddy, the K-State graduate

2 ½ hours.  That’s how long it took Edward Eddy to commute from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri to Manhattan, KS to attend nightly graduate classes from 1974-82. Juggling a family of five and holding a full time job, Edward Eddy did the unthinkable for many, he went on to pursue a doctoral degree from Kansas State University.

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