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Johnson Cancer Research Center Newsletter



Dr. Stephen Keith ChapesThe Johnson Cancer Research Center is in its 37th year and impacting K-State research more than ever. We are now poised to expand our capabilities even further.

With outstanding scientists in 100 laboratories across five colleges, we are in a position to initiate the process of becoming a National Cancer Institute-Designated Basic Laboratory Cancer Center.

Currently, the NCI has only seven Basic Laboratory Cancer Centers. Basic research provides the basis for understanding cancer, and leads to the clinical research and new treatments that save lives. K-State excels in basic research.

NCI-designated cancer centers are recognized for their scientific prowess and are allotted more resources. NCI designation would help K-State achieve its vision of becoming a top 50 public research university.

A first step of this mission is to hire a new director—an effective administrator, proven fundraiser and world-class scientist who can guide the Johnson Cancer Research Center toward NCI designation.

To recruit an outstanding director, the highest priority is to endow that position. To do this, we need to raise $5 million. Accomplishing this now could mean millions of dollars more for K-State cancer research down the road, as the center achieves NCI designation.

As part of our growth, our scientists are already busy forming Centers of Excellence to fight cancer as teams, focusing on specific cancer problems through multidisciplinary approaches.

To learn more and support the Johnson Cancer Research Center in the College of Arts & Sciences, please visit our Bold New Vision webpage.


S. Keith Chapes, Interim Director
Johnson Cancer Research Center
Professor, Division of Biology
Kansas State University