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Johnson Cancer Research Center Newsletter

Center Provided Record Funding in Fall 2013

We’re happy to have been able to award a record $373,500 to cancer research faculty last fall semester! Thanks to a couple of major gifts, we were able to directly support two exciting research programs that are very close to human clinical studies.

Mark Weiss
Mark Weiss

We are very grateful to Les & Virginia Clow and the late Margaret Ruth Hannah for their gifts, which allowed us to direct $200,000 to the team of Stefan Bossmann and Deryl Troyer, and $117,000 to Mark Weiss, respectively, at this critical time in their research programs. The research of Drs. Bossmann and Troyer, using nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and treatment, is featured in our 2012 and 2013 Conquest magazines. Dr. Weiss’s research with transplanted immune cells will be featured in a future issue.

Annelise Nguyen
Annelise Nguyen


Faculty winning Innovative Research Awards were Viktor Chikan, chemistry; Annelise Nguyen, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology; David Poole, kinesiology; and Robert Szoszkiewicz, physics. More information is on our Faculty Awardees webpage.

Prashant Wani
Prashant Wani, PhD Candidate in biochemistry

We also helped pay travel expenses for five graduate students to attend professional meetings to give presentations about their research. Their names are listed on our Student Awardees webpage.