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Johnson Cancer Research Center Newsletter


Thanks for viewing our Spring 2017 Newsletter! We hope you enjoy this brief look at some of our achievements and activities.

Conquest 2017 CoverAnnual magazine showcases K-State cancer research

Many of you have received our 2017 Conquest magazine by now. This year’s layperson-friendly stories showcase Dr. Ryan Rafferty’s work to modify cancer drugs so they can both penetrate the blood-brain barrier and be less toxic, Dr. Nick Wallace’s efforts to combat human papillomavirus-caused cancers, and student researcher Raquel Ortega’s work on a cancer early-detection test. Also featured is the “lab-on-a-chip” early-detection test being developed by two chemistry professors and supported by actor and K-State alum Eric Stonestreet. We also look back at the career of our past director Dr. Rob Denell, who retired last fall, and at our 15th Bascom Lecture delivered by a renowned HPV expert.

We invite you to read Conquest online or request a paper copy.

Alumni Survey

We recently sent a survey to hundreds of K-State alumni who benefited from our funding, to learn how the support (thanks to our donors!) impacted their academic and professional lives. We got some great responses about how important and enjoyable the research experiences were, and wanted to share a few with you:

“Overall my undergraduate research opportunity though the JCRC was invaluable. It was perhaps the single most influential experience at Kansas State in the sense that it started my research career.”  –Eric Nicholson, funded in ’91

“Overall great experience and gave me both mentorship and experience to further my career in the medical field.”  –Lindsey Hahn, funded in ’09

“It was great to have the opportunity to work in the lab, as well as share my experience with my personal funder (at awards Banquet).”  –Brandon Pfannenstiel, funded in ’14

“I greatly appreciated the additional funding while completing my undergrad education and observing a possible career path.”  –anonymous, funded in ’06

We greatly appreciate the many responses we’ve received and hope to still hear from some of you. Please email us if you should have, but did not, receive a survey.