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Category: 2013 Fall/Winter Newsletter

Ft. Riley Day at Kansas State University Football Game

The Institute for the Health and Security of Military Families hosted an information booth at Bill Snyder Family Stadium located in Cat Town at the Fort Riley Day Military Appreciation Pre-Game Events. As an institute we spoke to military families about our mission, goals, past events and upcoming events for soldiers and their families to attend. Along with information, we encouraged these individuals to find our page on Facebook where they have access to Institute events and resources for military families. And our BRO (Big Red One, 1st Infantry Division) partners got to enjoy a Wildcat victory, too. Hooah!

“One Hunger Pang Away”

“One Hunger Pang Away,” written by K-State Graduate Student Amy Tichy, was performed in a read-through format on November 11th in the K-State Union Little Theatre. The play followed a family who shared their personal experience with Ms. Tichy regarding the impact of PTSD on their family. After the read-through, family members Maj. Jeff Hall, Sheri, and daughter Courtney spoke more in depth to the audience and answered questions about their family’s journey with the military and post-war PTSD. Maj. Hall and Sheri have worked closely with the Institute for several years. Courtney and Tami Hall both serve on the Institute Advisory Board.

“Beyond Glory”

On November 13th, 2013, the Institute for the Health and Security of Military Families attended “Beyond Glory,” starring Actor Stephen Lang. Lang is an award winning scriptwriter and stage star. This event took place at McCain Auditorium located on the Kansas State University campus. The performance was held in conjunction with several events commemorating Veterans Day in the community.

Lang, an award-winning playwright and renowned star of the screen and stage, portrays the personas of eight different American recipients of the Medal of Honor from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Lang’s performance illuminates the bitter pride, pain and wonder that these veterans experienced as they recount the acts that earned them the nation’s highest military accolade.

The performance is combined with a backdrop of a video screen showing the turmoil of combat. “Beyond Glory” is adapted from the book by Larry Smith.

Media News Releases

“Beyond Glory” was sponsored by the McCain Performance Series, the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce Military Relations Committee and Dick Edwards Auto.