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Hosni named International Educator of the Year

Dr. Mo Hosni



Mo Hosni, MNE profosser, was honored as the International Educator of the Year by Kansas State University in a ceremony on Nov. 18, 2014.

The award recognizes Hosni not only for his distinguished record, but also for his key involvement in the Gujurat University (India) summer exchange program; his mentoring of students from Austria, Hong Kong, and many other countries; and his dedicated efforts at distance education that allow students from around the world to experience classes taught by K-State faculty members.

Hosni has been with the MNE department since 1991 and since that time his achievements include the following:

  • Director, Institute for Environmental Research, 1993 – 2001
  • Myers-Alfred Teaching Excellence Award, 1997
  • Department head, 2001-2009
  • Distinguished Service Award, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), 2003
  • Distinguished Fellow, Mississippi State University Bagley College of Engineering, 2004
  • Dedicated Service Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2008
  • Director,University Engineering Alliance, 2009-present
  • Exceptional Service Award, ASHRAE, 2013

 R&D 100 Award

Dr. Douglas McGregor, Kyle Nelson, Steven Bellinger, Benjamin Montag and Niklas Hinson

Douglas S. McGregor, MNE professor and director of K-State’s Semiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies (SMART) laboratory and his colleagues, have been awarded an R&D 100 Award for their research on lithium-based neutron detectors.  The R&D 100 Award, selected by R&D Magazine, denotes the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year.

McGregor joined the MNE faculty in 2002 and has since established a strong research program. This is his third R&D 100 Award during 12 years at K-State. The winning team consisted of McGregor, Kyle Nelson, Steven Bellinger, Benjamin Montag and Niklas Hinson, all from K-State, as well as Saint-Gobain Crystal and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, who funded the research. More information about the SMART lab can be found at www.mne.ksu/research/centers/SMARTlab.

The R&D100 program describes his research on Lithium-based neutron detectors as follows:

As the need to monitor radioactive materials grows, so does the market for detectors capable of quickly and reliably finding them. However, this demand may be thwarted by a shortage of raw materials and rising prices. Traditional neutron detectors, for example, rely on helium gas, which has suffered from interruptions in supply in recent years. Fortunately, lithium foil technology has progressed rapidly thanks to the battery industry, and this metal is reasonably priced.

Scientists at Kansas State Univ.’s SMART Laboratory and Saint-Gobain Crystals have capitalized on the availability of 6Li (lithium) to produce Lithium Foil Neutron Detectors that offer equivalent or better detection efficiencies compared to present-day helium (3He) detectors. The detector design, called a multi-wire proportional counter (MWC), utilizes the suspension of multiple thin 6Li foils between anode banks to create a high-efficiency, large-area, low-cost gas-filled neutron detector. They have similar gamma-ray rejection, comparable compactness and up to an order of magnitude lower cost, which should appeal to users who require them in nuclear security, scientific experiments or petroleum searches.

$100,000 and above
Jane Neff

$50,000 – $99,999
Jean Myers*

$10,000 – $49,999
Marlin Breer and Joan Russell
Jim and Suzanne Jaax
Steve and Kay Theede

$5,000 – $9,999
Sylvia Apple
Neal and Susan Johnson
Faye Kaul*

$1,000 – $4,999
Dave and Tammy Douglass
Patrick and Rita Ervin
Joe and Nancy Farrar
Ken and Cynthia Habiger
Brent and Bonnie Heidebrecht
Emily Jones
William and Rebecca Kennedy
Charles and Linda Kuhn
John and Mildred Lindholm
Mike Rogers
Ray and Meghan Schieferecke
Charles and Arlene Steichen
Marlin* and Peggy Taylor
Bradford and Cynthia Wick

$500 – $999
N K and Veena Anand
Norman and Malinda Anderson
Chance* and Donna Bahadur
Steve and Patty Bauerband
Larry Beil and Hedy Devero-Beil
David and Heather Bradford
Robert Debes
Matthew Dickson
John and Mary Ensz
Darin George
Richard and Angella Heitmeyer
Bryan and Angie Long
Tom and Joan Mistler
Haven and Barbara Rolander
Philip Solomon
Donald Tonn
Brian and Cheryl Wichman

$250 – $499
Rebecca Anderson
Steven and L B Clark
Chris Erickson
Vernon and Carol Fish
Marvin and Jan Gearhart
Lisa Jones
Jim and Mary Kent
Nancy and Clayton Landers
Tim Mourlam
Rod and Beverly Nash
Gregory and Pamela Spaulding
Thomas and Amanda Vehlewald

$100 – $249
Brian Anderson
Michael Anderson
Jeff and Sarah Arroyo
Kurt and Erin Balthazor
Taylor and Julie Bozarth
John and Brenda Bridson
James and Judith Callen
Alan and Amanda Cebula
Eric Cunningham
John and Jenny Curtis
Rodney Davignon
William and Karen Dunn
Thomas and Debra Edwards
Michael and Linda Estes
Tony Ferguson
Scott and Michelle Flaming
Richard and Joyce Franz
Shawn Georg
Jeffrey Geuther
Ken and Dolores Gowdy
Ron and Brenda Haky
Loren and Phyllis Harris
Alec Hendryx
Mo and Fakhry Hosni
Byron and Melanie Jones
Justin Kaeberle
Mark Kedzierski
Eric and Julia Keen
Michael McEwan
Jim McKinnis
Ronda and Marc Olson
Ethan and Emily Pauly
Bob Phillips
Thomas and Leah+ Pollock
Roy and Sharon Rathbun
Gary and LuAnn Sauber
Ken and Margaret Schmanke
Amy and Joe Schmitz
Michael Schupp
Gerald and Donna Shafer
Bill and Christine Smiley
Shaun Thiessen
Matthew and Sara VanDeCreek
Brian and Kelly Vandorn
Janessa Wedel
Richard and Ellen Willis


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