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Message from the Department Head

Dr. William L. Dunn, New Department Head of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

The department of mechanical and nuclear engineering (MNE) is undergoing significant change. In addition to the four new hires we announced in the last newsletter, we have hired a new assistant professor, Hitesh Bindra, to whom you will be introduced later in the newsletter. We also are looking to hire several new instructors. Change is occurring outside the department as well.  The College of Engineering will welcome Darren Dawson as new Dean effective July 1, 2014, and the university has hired Karen Burg as vice president of research effective August 3, 2014.

Phase IV is upon us! Construction of the new Phase IV building has begun in earnest. This brings with it loud noises, temporary walls, limited access and other inconveniences.  However, once Phase IV is complete, the entire “engineering complex” will be integrated with easy access on every floor among the four buildings. This will also provide much needed space for the MNE department to expand.  The department of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) will vacate its space in Rathbone and move to the Phase IV building, which will provide space for us and also industrial engineering.  The new Phase IV building will provide a common development area for many of our competition teams, thus releasing the spaces these teams now occupy. Funding for this new space was provided by one of our graduates.  The Alan and Jan Levin Student Design Team Suite will be a hallmark feature, offering designated space for student competition teams to create engineering designs, while developing practical skills like leadership and collaboration.  We are indebted to the Levin’s for their 1.5 million gift to the College of Engineering. See related stories elsewhere in this newsletter on Alan Levin and Phase IV.

Our faculty members are working to update the mechanical engineering curriculum so that our graduates will be better prepared to deal effectively with challenges of the future—such as cleaner energy, safer vehicles, more efficient machines and more adaptive robots. In addition, our faculty members are leading the way in research on advanced radiation detectors, cleaner aircraft cabin environments, and composite nano sheets for rechargeable battery applications. Please feel free to visit the department and see for yourself the exciting things going on in MNE.

Bill Dunn, Professor and Department Head

Steven M. and Kay L. Theede Chair in Engineering



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