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The New French Club at K-State

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The K-State French Club has undergone a significant reorganization in the last year, including a new name and mission. Now “La Société Française” (LSF), the student-lead organization strives to expose the population at K-State to francophone cultures around the world through innovative and interactive activities. The organization reestablished four officer positions and retained its two faculty advisors to plan and execute its newest events. The Fall semester activities included a Pétanque Tournament, a Pain au Chocolat Baking Lab (pictured above), and a French Film Week.  As the organization prides itself on welcoming and all who are interested – extending beyond just the students to faculty and community members – and offers the unique opportunity for its members to immerse themselves in another culture without the expenses of foreign travel, LSF hopes to become one of best-known culture club on campus within the next academic year.

The officers of LSF expect to be able to begin inducting new dues-paying members as early as the end of the Spring semester. Also this Spring, LSF is hosting the Tournées festival of French films on campus, a study-abroad information session, a French game day, and final exam study sessions.

With increased efforts to fundraise, the officers feel confident that LSF will be able to offer students grander and more elaborate events in the near future. One such event will include a trip to the award-winning Prairie Fire Winery, which is the only winery in Kansas to bottle their sparkling wine using the traditional “methode champenoise”, for an educational tour and tasting. Still in discussion is a trip to Kansas City to dine at Aixois – a well-known traditional restaurant serving dishes from the southern regions of France – where we will be able to meet with the owner and head chef who hails from Aix-en-Provence.

These events are made possible by the support of the Department of Modern Languages, the student population, and generous alumni.

By Ryan Wellems and Kathleen Antonioli

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