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Author: Mindy Weixelman

Work with Our Dining Family

As a new semester begins, K-State Housing & Dining Services is recruiting students to work in the dining centers.

Did you know?
• Students don’t have to work a tremendous number of hours. New freshmen will not be scheduled more than 12 hours a week. Many students choose to work only 6 hours per week then pick up substitute shifts when they want to.

• Working in the dining center provides an extension of K-State’s educational environment. Only a few hours of work a week provides social opportunities that often last a lifetime. Students learn many valuable work skills, including communication, decision making, judgement, leadership, teamwork, and dedication. These skills are central to success in the careers students are aspiring to have. In fact, many of these valuable work skills are communicated in resumes and interviews that freshmen will need all too soon. Students begin at $8.00/ hour, but more important than the wage is the educational benefit work provides.

• We believe students’ academic success is the top goal and we assign work schedules to support this belief. Student schedules are made around class schedules and never would we expect a student to skip class because of a job. Nor do we expect that they be here during breaks such as Thanksgiving, semester, and spring.

• Research has shown that students do better academically when they have to balance schedules and be organized. Based on the research results, it is likely that working a few hours a week can create an environment that improves study skills, time management, and thus academic success. Of course, the research is not suggesting cause and effect but there is a correlation between academic success and managing time effectively.

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Meet K-State Food Pantry Coordinator Erin Bishop

Food Pantry Coordinator Erin Bishop

The floors have been waxed and buffed, there’s new paint on the walls, desks, chairs, and a magazine rack have all been selected from the university surplus website.  A student is working away on a website and a social media strategy is being developed. New K-State Food Pantry Coordinator, Erin Bishop,  has finished all these tasks, along with a list of other items, all within her first two weeks on the job.

Erin earned two degrees from K-State, and considers herself a lifelong Wildcat.  She proudly shares that her grandmother lived in Van Zile Hall during WWII.  Since graduating with her master’s degree in 2008, Erin has worked in mental wellness, substance abuse counseling, and academic advising.  In addition, she found that her work with K-State Research and Extension and UFM Community Learning Center fueled her passion for volunteer service, community gardens, and ensuring student success by breaking down barriers that impede their learning and success.

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It’s Time for the K-State Career Fair

The Kansas State University All-University Career Fair is next month! This opportunity, open to students of all majors and disciplines, is a great way to connect with hundreds of employers looking to hire K-Staters! 

The Career Fair is hosted from September 19-September 21 and students will have the chance to be recruited for full time jobs, internships, and co-op positions.

Students will need to join Handshake, the Career Center’s recruiting and career services platform for K-State students, alumni and employers. Students and alumni can use Handshake to easily connect with employers, search for jobs and internships, review career fair/event information, and manage on-campus interviewing.

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K-State 360 is Here!

Your students will have experiences outside of the classroom while attending Kansas State University and we want them to be meaningful. K-State 360 is a way to make those experiences count for something.

Students can track areas in which they are developing skills in teamwork, diversity, leadership, problem solving, communication, and career development. K-State 360 is designed to give students a competitive edge for future success.

It’s simple: a student can easily sign up and check-in through their smart phone and record their attended events and activities on campus. Upon completion of the program they will receive a co-curricular transcript to share with future employers, graduate or professional schools and will receive K-State 360 alumni benefits. Continue reading “K-State 360 is Here!”

2017 Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year Award Celebration

This article was provided by Ashley Bailey and the K-State Career Center. 

Kansas State University student employees, supervisors, family and friends gathered April 11 to recognize more than 40 K-Staters who were nominated for the Student Employee of the Year award.

Dominique Hoover was named student employee of the year by the K-State Career Center

Before announcing the 2017 winner, Pat Bosco, vice president for student life and dean of students, recognized the family of the late Kyle Pelton, the 2016 Student Employee of the Year. Pelton’s post-graduation employer, Textron Aviation, was also acknowledged and presented a $1,000 lead gift that will help fund a a permanent display for all past and future award winners. In addition to the gift, the award will now be known as the Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year award.

Shortly following the gift revealing, Dominique Hoover, student facility manager for K-State’s Recreational Services, was named the 2017 Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year. Hoover is a senior in mechanical engineering and from Hutchinson, Kansas.

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Move Out Recycling Procedure for K-State Housing and Dining Services

A message from K-State Housing and Dining Services regarding summer move out at all residence halls and Jardine Apartments:

Content provided by Alison Rogers, Copywriter, Housing and Dining Services

In an effort to reduce waste during the move out process, we’d like to make you aware of several ways your student can easily recycle unwanted items and trash.

A dumpster labeled for recyclables (paper, plastics 1-7, aluminum and tin) will be placed next to the dumpster for landfill items. Glass will go into the current collection bins outside each hall and in current Jardine locations.

The lobbies in each residence hall will contain areas in which to place non-perishable food items, books, clothing, blankets and small household items.

Electronic waste, furniture and rugs that are in good condition can be deposited in designated outdoor locations near our facilities. We encourage students to shop around before they go!

Our resident assistants or front desk employees are available to answer any questions.



Living in Manhattan During the Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Some K-State students will head back to their beloved hometowns, some will head to places far away to participate in a study abroad program or internship, and some will stay nestled here in Manhattan, KS!

Living in Manhattan, or any college town over the summer, is a unique experience. Thousands of people head out of town for three months, clearing up most of the street parking spots and lines at the grocery stores.

However, to the ones that choose to stay here and take summer courses or work, it means a time to get to know the locals, adventure to new places around town, and meet others who chose the same summer plans.

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The Impact of the Federal Budget and Budget Policies on Higher Education


By Sue Peterson and Peter Dorhout

Budget Update

The federal budget is in a period of uncertainty. We know many K-Staters are concerned about the White House 2018 budget blueprint and that national organizations and professional societies are urging many of you to make your voices heard on a number of issues. The full President’s Budget will be released the second week in May.

The continuing resolution for the 2017 budget expires on April 28, and we are without a clear path at this time.

We share your apprehensions and want you to know that the Office of Governmental Relations and the Office of the Vice President for Research are watching closely. The federal budget development process is long, and the 2018 budget remains far from final.

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K-State Students Win Internships

Two years ago, the K-State Career Center launched a university-wide initiative to centrally track and collect data on students participating in summer internships.  A team of representatives from Undergraduate Studies, Student Life, academic colleges, Information Technology Services, Office of Assessment, and other key stakeholders worked together to develop an efficient data collection and reporting process.

Career Center Executive Director Kerri Keller shared the catalyst for the initiative: “Internships are growing in their importance as a high-impact educational practice for college students and as an activity that promotes career readiness.  While the current survey only reflects one year of data, ultimately, learning from student internship experiences will help K-State expand their connections with employers, provide academic advisors with internship ideas for students, strengthen university ties with industry, and demonstrate K-State’s commitment to the career readiness of its students.”

The team of representatives collaborated to define internship for the purpose of the survey as “educationally-related work experiences that integrate knowledge and theory with practical application and skill development in professional settings.”

The Wildcat Internship Survey (WINS) was distributed in a year ago to 11,000 students and achieved a 59% response rate.  Freshman were purposely excluded along with students from the Colleges of Education and Agriculture because these two colleges had pre-existing methods for students to report similar information. Continue reading “K-State Students Win Internships”

K-State’s Black Student Union is Best in Big 12 for Ninth Time


For the ninth time in 12 years, the university’s Black Student Union, or BSU, was awarded the Clarence Wine Award for Outstanding Big 12 Council of the Year at the 40th annual Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government, Feb. 16-18, at the University of Texas, Austin.

“I could not be prouder of the hard work and dedication that our BSU continues to demonstrate year after year,” said Brandon Clark, program coordinator in the university’s Office of Diversity.

To be considered for the award, the organization had to assemble a book and presentation about its successes in serving students and celebrating diversity. Clark said K-State’s Black Student Union continues to win the award for several reasons:

• Maintaining, promoting and growing annual traditions, including the Welcome Back Barbecue in August for more than 20 years.

• Connecting freshmen and new students with upperclassmen through the Black Student Union’s mentorship program.

• Consistently inviting keynote speakers for Black History Month events in February.

• Presenting these accomplishments and more in a clear and enthusiastic way at each year’s conference.

“While winning awards is nice, I’m just glad that this organization is committed to its mission of focusing on the development of the K-State community,” Clark said. “Our BSU works to advance academic stability, political action and leadership of black students while promoting black culture across all aspects of life.”

In addition to the Clarence Wine Award, members of the university’s Black Student Union received three awards at the conference:

• Alexis Cushshon, freshman in architectural engineering, St. Louis, Missouri, and president of the Black student Union’s Freshman Action Team, was honored with the Mickey Leland Award for Outstanding Community Service.

• The Freshman Action Team received the Most Outstanding Freshman Action Team of the Year Award.

• Bryan Davis, junior in management information systems, Topeka, and president of K-State’s Black Student Union, was elected as the 2017-2018 chair of the Big 12 Council on Black Student Government.

Zelia Wiley, interim associate provost for the Office of Diversity, said the Black Student Union’s achievements show its commitment to welcoming and retaining diverse students at the university.

“I’m so pleased with the student leaders in our BSU,” Wiley said. “The Office of Diversity stands behind BSU and all our multicultural student organizations.”

Delegates of Kansas State University’s Black Student Union at the Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government.


Content provided by:  Office of Diversity Program Coordinator Brandon Clark